Working Floridians Need Tax Relief!

Send a letter to your legislator to support the Working Floridians Tax Rebate

Floridians paid lower wages spend significantly more of their income on state and local taxes than those with high income. The state’s “upside-down” tax code also exacerbates racial inequity because Floridians with low income are more likely to be people of color. While often marketed as a “low tax” state, the truth is that Florida’s tax system is among the most regressive in the nation — favoring those who make the most, squeezing those who earn the least, and exacerbating income inequality among communities of color.

We can help build more prosperous communities and strengthen future generations by passing legislation to create a state-level Earned Income Tax Credit, also known as the Working Floridians Tax Rebate (WFTR). A recent study shows that 2.1 million Floridians, or one in five people in the Sunshine State, would be eligible for the WFTR, receiving an average annual rebate of $500 per household.