Florida County Level Data

WFTR Benefits by County

Although Florida does not collect personal income taxes, a state EITC in the form of a rebate is still possible – as is the case in the state of Washington. The Working Floridians Tax Rebate (WFTR) would require workers to apply to Florida’s Department of Revenue (DOR) using their federal income tax returns to show that they received the federal EITC. Once DOR receives the application and verifies the information with the IRS, applicants would receive a rebate equal to 20 percent of their federal EITC. The WFTR program would benefit millions of Floridians across the state’s 67 counties. View the statewide factsheet or use the map below to learn about the benefits and support for the WFTR program in each county.

Help build more prosperous communities and strengthen future generations by supporting the Working Floridians Tax Rebate program.